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2016 Ford C-Maz Energi

New Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Inventory

At Balise Ford we offer a great selection of Earth-friendly green cars. Browse our inventory below of available new hybrid and electric Ford models. We also recommend checking our used inventory for great deals on fuel efficient models. If you do not see the perfect eco-conscious car you've been dreaming of, do not hesitate to contact us or fill out our no obligation CarFinder form. At our Western Mass dealership we are committed to helping you find the car you want and we will make every effort to get you the vehicle you are looking for. Getting in to a new electric or hybrid vehicle is easier than ever, too, with great offers and incentives available as well as the Massachusetts Electric Vehicle Rebate. Our finance team will gladly help you navigate all these offers to get you the best deal possible on your purchase or lease.

Hybrid & Electric Ford Models

Hybrid Ford Models

Gas Engine with a Battery-Driven Electric Motor. Vehicle seamlessly switches between electric motor, gas engine or a combination of both to provide the best performance and gas mileage. Does not need to be plugged in, the gas engine and regenerative braking automatically helps to recharge the battery.

  • Ford C-Max Hybrid
  • Ford Fusion Hybrid

Plug-In Hybrid Ford Models

Gas and Electric Vehicle. Drive it like an Electric Car or a Hybrid, it's Your Choice. Plugging in is Optional. The best of both worlds, you can drive ti like an electric vehicle for short trips or a hybrid vehicle for long trips.  You have the option to plug in to maximize battery capability, but it's not mandatory.

  • Ford C-Max Energi
  • Ford Fusion Energi

All-Electric Ford Models

100% Electric Vehicle, 100% No Gas. Powered completely by a rechargeable battery, so you never have to buy gas or oil again, and you can enjoy a CO2 free driving experience.  All you have to do is plug in the vehicle to charge the battery pack and you're good to go.

  • Ford Focus Electric
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About Our Fuel Efficient & Eco Friendly Offerings

If you're looking for an efficient new vehicle near Springfield, MA then you've come to the right place. When you think of green cars, Toyota models might come to mind, but Ford now has a robust hybrid and electric line-up, as well, so it is a great brand to choose for your green car needs. And not only do these vehicles help you save on gas while producing low emissions, but Ford has also made sustainability a part of its business model, so the sustainable practices go all the way back to the manufacturing of these cars. At Balise Ford, we have a wide selection of fuel efficient vehicles available for you to choose from and we would be happy to help you find the model that best suits your needs.

At our dealership, we have a number of hybrid, plug-in hybrid and electric models available. Our staff would be happy to show you these vehicles and help you pick the one that's right for you. If you're looking for a vehicle that mainly runs on gas, but can use its electric motor to help save on gas, then a hybrid like the C-Max Hybrid or Fusion Hybrid could be right for you. If you're looking for a vehicle that uses no gas at all, then an electric vehicle like the Fusion Electric could be what you need. Or if you're looking for a vehicle that uses mainly electric power, but can switch to gas to extend your driving range, then a plug-in hybrid like the C-Max Energi or Fusion Energi could be a great fit for you. We would be happy to tell you all about our vehicles and arrange a test drive to help you choose the one that's right for you.

If you're interested in efficiency but a hybrid or electric isn't your style, then consider one of our new Ford models that offers an EcoBoost engine. These vehicles are gas models with better efficiency, so they are another great environmentally conscientious option.  EcoBoost engines were designed to maximize efficiency without compromising on power, so you can enjoy great fuel economy and great performance.

If you're interested in getting your hands on an efficient new Ford, come on over to our Wilbraham, MA dealership serving the Springfield, Chicopee, Agawam and Holyoke areas. We would be happy to show you our available models, answer your questions and help you find the vehicle hat's perfect for you.

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MA Electric Vehicle Rebate

Massachusetts drivers can apply for rebates up to $2,500 for the purchase or lease of a new battery electric, plug-in hybrid electric or fuel cell electric vehicle.

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